Information on ATP-binding Cassette (ABC) transporter systems can be browsed or retrieved via the above Search window.

A taxonomical overview of the completely sequenced prokaryotic genomes is shown by Browse the taxonomy of species. Here a clade (e.g. Cyanobacteria) can be displayed and descending the 'children' lineages, a strain can be selected (e.g. GvioA). Clicking the strain name will display information on its genome and subsequently selecting a chromosome shows all the ABC proteins and assemblies of ABC systems for that strain.

A search for genes and proteins can be specified from a list of options in the roll-down list. Some examples:

The Blast tab of the menu bar permits to search anototations for your own protein. The proteins in ABCdb that are similar to your sequence will be retrieved and their ABC system annotations can be extracted.

All the proteins belonging to an ABC transporter subfamily can be retrieved via the subfamilies tab in the menu bar.

An overview of the ABC proteins or ABC transporter systems for each genome can be selected with the compilation tool in the menu bar.